ungloryhole gobble gobble surprise

ungloryhole gobble gobble surprise

A few days ago while sitting in the pub overheard a couple of guys sitting at the table next. They told you about a secret place called by insiders UngloryHole. Our secret place Unglory Hole begins to be known in town! I was excited! I went out for a while and I called my friend with me leading the secret project ;). She promised that it will be ready in half an hour. I went back and told the guys that it was a colleague of mine is a free service and is willing to dick with them, we explore it. They had to put up individually. They chose the oldest. He was a bit nervous but when I saw a cutie on the other side of the hole in the wall of calmed down. He started as a hero for his colleagues and he ended up getting one of the best blowjobs of his life from another guy. Classic 😀 UngloryHole

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